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Including form within Community builder tab?

ugly , February 09 2010, 13:53
ugly 31
February 09 2010, 13:53 #46934
I would like to include a form(or link to it) within a community buider tab. The form is not related to user profile but allows users to submit news stories. Does anyone have any tips in this direction?
Thank you for any comments.
GreyHead 65
February 09 2010, 15:41 #46940
Hi ugly,

Can you use Joomla Plugins inside a CB tab? If so that would be a way to include a form.

If not then maybe an iframe?

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
ugly 31
February 09 2010, 16:49 #46943
I think there has to be a bridge to allow the inclusion of a plugin within CB. Might this happen in the future Bob? What a powerful matchthat would be between these two fantatic products. Thanks for all the help today.