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Turkish Language Installation Package

aytugakar , July 05 2009, 13:54
aytugakar 23
July 05 2009, 13:54 #36315
Attached package installation language of Turkish for Chrono Comments V1.2

Package includes three lang files wich administrator and site component files and plg file. It's not includes module lang file because of module installation is not a mandatory step for component.

information for user
Installation method same as any extensions:
Extensions > Install-Uninstall > Browse it

install.xml file included method upgrade. The mean is this package can installation or/and update your ChronoComments' tr-TR files as replace files.

Fixed if you have Turkish char problem:


Aytuğ Halil AKAR (for Personal Homepage) (for Support CMS)
(6.25 KiB)
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