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BCO - Comedy Portal ... i think

mironsavan , June 18 2009, 23:09
mironsavan 5
June 18 2009, 23:09 #35059
I needed chrono comments to let people put video links on my site to video hosting websites like youtube. Check it out on

Specific link:
ColoradoGolf 1
June 04 2010, 05:37 #52251
I must say, I was highly impressed with your site. As a comedian myself (song parodies are my specialty), I am predisposed, I guess, to all comedy sites, and will frequent yours often. Your work looks impeccable.
NetSurf8 1
June 04 2010, 23:37 #52324
I second what ColoradoGolf said. The video integration works pretty nice. Im still pretty new to ChromoComments so its great to see different implementation which gives me an idea on how to use it myself. Btw, I love Eddie Izzard.
liftkit 1
July 16 2010, 20:39 #54704
that was awesome!
JJDavise 7
October 17 2012, 12:52 #301239
Yes I like it too . It's very nice .
oniexn 7
October 19 2012, 10:49 #301389
The site is nice but there is no video when I click that page.