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Doesn't allow two comment posts in a row

albrowne , May 26 2009, 00:25
albrowne 1
May 26 2009, 00:25 #33210
as in title. if for some reason a user wants to post twice in a row, on the second go it says "please enter your name" without submitting the comments. I have all fields removed as I only allow (community builder) members to vote. If the page is reloaded, you can post again no problems. Weird. thanks in advance for any help...
vecchia 64
June 13 2009, 20:31 #34567
i have the same problem... after a comment is posted name and e-mail's fields are empty
vecchia 64
June 15 2009, 06:51 #34687
nobody can help me? is the project abandoned?
GreyHead 65
June 15 2009, 07:30 #34691
Hi vecchia,

No, it's not abandoned. I am not familiar with ChronoComments and Max has been out of town for week, he's back now and catching up.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
vecchia 64
June 15 2009, 12:18 #34710
okkkkkk, i will wait him
kennychelsea 6
March 10 2011, 17:27 #65925

Did you get your answers? I don't know why but the same problem came out of me too... May be I installed so many plugins. But I think that's not the main reason.. PM me if you are online please...
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