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Hidden Menu

mac , April 19 2009, 12:51
mac 103
April 19 2009, 12:51 #30246
when I have a URL such as http://my domain/component/user/reset.html
I want to create a 'hidden' Menu in Joomla, where I can display Modules when the generated URL is shown on my page.
How I must create this Menu?
My test with Menu 'component', submenu 'user' and there submenu 'reset' is wrong

I hope you can help me.

GreyHead 65
April 19 2009, 13:08 #30248
Hi Mac,

I don't understand exactly waht you want to do?

To create a 'hidden' menu you create an ordinary menu but don't publish it.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
mac 103
April 19 2009, 13:22 #30250
Hi Bob,
by the User-Registration Joomla create and display Messages to the content-area in my Joomla-Website.
When this Messages are show, I want to display a Module on the Modulepositon 'left'. To display this Module whe the Joomla Message is show I want to create a hidden Menu with the URL (Message URL).