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Editor-xtd plugin with submitcontent form?

lemur , April 18 2009, 20:02
lemur 43
April 18 2009, 20:02 #30208

i would use an editor-xtd plugin (for example, Linkr) with submitcontent form.

Is it possible?

If yes, how i can show a plugins button under the form, please.

GreyHead 65
April 19 2009, 09:05 #30228
Hi lemur,

I think that the answer is 'Yes' but I can't see any instructions for including a linkr button in their docs - if you can find the code to do that it's probably possible.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
lemur 43
April 20 2009, 08:17 #30296
Hi, Bob,

thanks for the answer.

As I use it, Linkr must be installed as all other editor-xtd plugin:
- install as joomla plugin
- publish

Then in bottom of the article input form is the relative button (as for image, "more", ...).

Or do you mean something else?

GreyHead 65
April 20 2009, 08:54 #30299
Hi lemur,

Yes ths's correct - but it doesn't appear at the bottom of the Editor in the submitcontent form so I think some other code must be required.

I can't remember now if submit content uses the standard Joomla editor setting?

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
admin 33
April 21 2009, 09:40 #30403
Hi Bob, Leon,

Submit content uses the default Joomla editor loaded, I'm not sure about that bar, there is 1 line of code to show the editor and the form is simply using it!