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Chronocomment showcase

dax , March 22 2009, 02:47
dax 15
March 22 2009, 02:47 #27275
Hi Everybody,
I bought license version of chronocomment as I find it similar to wordpress style comment feature. simple and easy.
I have installed chronocomment for my new site, which has most content in Gujarati unicode.
The site url :
Chronocomment can be seen on many pages, but this one is prominent
Also, I have installed latest comment/recent comments module, which can be seen on the home page.
GreyHead 65
March 22 2009, 05:10 #27284
Hi dax,

Thank you - looks good :-)

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
dax 15
September 17 2009, 06:02 #40461
I am having problem with chronocomment and inspite of posting the query two times and for more then three months, i have not received a single reply / solution. The main purpose of comment feature is interactivity with readers. However for many of my pages, the comments are not showing up beyond the first page (i.e. 10 comments per page configured by me). I am feeling embarrsed as readers do not see their comments posted wherein actually they appear in the back end / recent comment module.
Check these pages and click NEXT to see additional comments at bottom and you know what i mean :
Do anyone care to reply ?
GreyHead 65
September 17 2009, 08:24 #40468
Hi dax,

Sorry, I know next to nothing about ChronoComments and don't have the time right now it find my way around the code. So I'm afraid you'll need to wait for Max to come back or for another user to offer a solution. Other users do seem to have ChronoComments working OK so I assume that there is one.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
dax 15
September 27 2009, 00:29 #40894
Hi Bob,
Thanks for writing. I'm still waiting for Max ...
tonyt42 1
June 02 2010, 20:10 #52134
Great looking site. Loads fast.

The drop down menus flow very well without delay.
d0m1 1
June 28 2010, 15:45 #53719
Looks brilliant guys!
coolbreezr 1
July 03 2010, 23:00 #54062
Nice. I like your site design and use of ChronoComments. Lots of characters won't show but I noticed you added some english text so that's good.
lola 1
July 04 2010, 22:40 #54091

The site looks great and I am fascinated by your subject matter, are you planning an English version?

olanor 1
July 05 2010, 05:43 #54098
You website look good, but i can't read it