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Converting URLs causing problems

Lkark , March 16 2009, 20:20
Lkark 6
March 16 2009, 20:20 #26700
Hi, it's me again :p,

I've discovered another problem. It's about the [ url ] tag and the setting "Convert URLs to links". When I post:
[ url = ] Click me ! [ / url ] (but without the spaces) a comment, the function makeClickableLinks($text) will start and convert the url itself to a link, then the bbcode-relpace-array will replace it to a link, which will create double links. And that's of course not intended :p. Any idea how to fix it? And I still want to convert just urls to links :p.
admin 32
March 17 2009, 19:50 #26820
Hi Lkark,

yes, I know about this bug, the only way to fix it is to disable the "Convert URLs to links" option for now, I will fix all ChronoComments issues soon and add new features as well!

warriorgov79 34
March 21 2009, 12:28 #27246
Hi Max & Lkark,

Sounds like the same problem I had.

Try this: (disregard the comments below the code)

The 3 files to edit are:
/modules/mod_chronomments/helper.php (if you're also using the module)

Works for me with Convert URLs on.

admin 32
March 25 2009, 22:59 #27745
Thanks for posting the link!