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Comment link not for zero comments

spektr , December 04 2008, 20:59
spektr 8
December 04 2008, 20:59 #18658

Is it possible to show comments link only when there are actually some comments?

I guess that there is only one IF sentence missing or something?

spektr 8
December 05 2008, 09:10 #18673

I change this in chronocomments.php file in plugins/content folder. I change this:

//end link
        if (count($blogcomments)>0)
        $language = '<br /><a href="'.$page_link.'#comments">'.JText::_( 'READ N COMMENTS' )."</a>";
        $row->text = $row->text.str_replace("{n}", count($blogcomments), $language);
        //return true;

I add an If sentence, and now there is no link when comments count is 0!

Further more. There are no more links on the top of page of newsfeeds,...

I hope this is correct!
admin 32
December 05 2008, 15:49 #18687
Cool hack!
spektr 8
December 06 2008, 09:06 #18729
I add an extra br here:

$language = '<br /><br /><a href="'.$page_link.'#comments">'.JText::_( 'READ N COMMENTS' )."</a>";

So between the text and comment link is a free line. But it only works If I'm logged in