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ImageVerification Not working

treehugger , November 17 2008, 15:49
treehugger 11
November 17 2008, 15:49 #17292
I followed the instructions in the FAQ - changed the header img/png to text/html and now the image is showing up - but my query is why do you say to change the header back?
admin 33
November 17 2008, 21:41 #17324
Hi, doing this change is mainly to show you why the image doesn't work, so you need to change it back, i think it was only a permissions issue, try changing it back ?

GreyHead 65
November 17 2008, 22:39 #17336
Hi treehugger,

It's a bit odd that the image shows when the type is 'text/html' usually that shows you either an error message or the binary code for the image.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
treehugger 11
November 18 2008, 15:13 #17368
It works fine with the header being changed to text/html but doesn't show at all when changed back to img/png.
So I've left it as it is with text/html in place.