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Multiple Javascript blocks

stani , November 17 2008, 02:25
stani 2
November 17 2008, 02:25 #17270
Hi everyone, I'm not certain if this should go in here or into the bugs section, but on the chance that I am just being naive, I will post it here.

I am liking this extension (it wouldn't work with loading prototype but after i switched to slimbox everything is behaving again and works like a charm) but I have one very big problem with it. The javascript section that declares the variables is repeated once per article on every category blog, even for categories / sections where commenting is diabled. That makes for about 15kb of redundant code on my front page, where I show ten blog entries (even though the "show comments link in blog view" is disabled!). I haven't been able to figure out how to fix this, and I haven't seen anything about this in the forums.

So my question is, is there a way to fix this (short of uncommenting the injection code - wherever it is - and adding this stuff to my template), or am I missing something, or is this a known bug that's going to get fixed eventually (hopefully)? Or is this (gasp) working as expected?
GreyHead 65
November 17 2008, 09:41 #17278
Hi stani,

This has come up before and I think (not certain) that Max has posted a fix - if not, then he's said that it will be fixed in the next release. Sorry, I can't find the post right now.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
stani 2
November 17 2008, 14:34 #17289
Hi Bob, thanks for the reply!

I'm glad it's on the todo list. Also looks like I wasn't very thorough when searching (well, it was late). I've since found two posts about it (thanks for telling me about it), here and here. I will apply that patch for now and patiently wait for the next release