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My suggestions/Bugs

clone , November 12 2008, 17:54
clone 4
November 12 2008, 17:54 #16987
Hello, nice work on the component. We're currently testing various comment systems to decide which one we'll use.
Here are my notifications, i have more suggestions then bugs, so i merged them here:

Bugs (possible):
1. When a user edits his comment, the URL field appears, even if it's disabled
2. User level's don't propagate (I selected registered, but that doesn't include admins/super admins)

1. Emoticons/smilies - maybe some people are against them, but it's better to have them and be able to turn them off
2. Disable posting html code/urls
3. Selection of ordering of comments display
4. Selection of allowed BBCodes
5. Hiding of comment form when a user edits his comment/replies
6. Support for templates

admin 32
November 12 2008, 21:58 #16999
Hi clone,

Regarding bugs:

#1- this feature is not working yet, a user can't edit his comment, we will do this in the next version!
#2- yes, but simply choose the specific group you need!

clone 4
November 13 2008, 09:00 #17029
Thanx for the reply.

About #2, I thought it was just overlooked feature, since joomla works that way, that all the users with the level above selected have the same, and more, privileges. I figured how to accomplish this and got it done, but it's not straight-forward for an average joomla user.
admin 32
November 13 2008, 15:16 #17038
I agree, but it gives you more control, Joomla will add more user groups at J1.6 and I think by this time they will make it the same way, only selected groups will have the permissions!