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Chronocomments - not right after the article

breaky , October 13 2008, 17:04
breaky 6
October 13 2008, 17:04 #15092
Hello guys...

So I was advised to make a thread out of this issue with the newest version of chronocomments. With the last one when I make the right order of the chronocomments plugin it showed where I wanted it to show... but in the newest version no matter what I do with the ordering list of the plugins chronocomments always comes right after the article...

Anybody have any idea how to fix this? I want this great component to appear at the very bottom of the page...

admin 32
October 13 2008, 20:42 #15117
Hi breaky,

In this file : plugins/content/ChronoComments.php find :
$row->text = $row->text.str_replace("{ALL_COMMENTS}", $comment_items, $comment_form);

comment it and add just after it :
return str_replace("{ALL_COMMENTS}", $comment_items, $comment_form);

and at the top find : onPrepareContent and make it onAfterDisplayContent

let me know!


breaky 6
October 14 2008, 04:27 #15150
Hi there....

Thank you very much... it works just fine, Max