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HEAD includes repeated

Lukas , October 12 2008, 09:02
Lukas 3
October 12 2008, 09:02 #15026
first, let me say thanks.

I want to ask why plugin include to HEAD section all js vars and js/css links repeated. On blog view page (e.g. where 15 articles intro are displayed) there is that repeated 15 times. x 25 lines = 750 lines of code

So page is unreasonably overloaded. What about performance?...

Is this bug or am missing something?

Thanks & Regards

Lukas N
admin 33
October 12 2008, 12:36 #15028
Hi Lucas,

Yes, this is a bug and will be fixed the next release, patch the attached file to plugins/content/ and it will do the job!

(3.97 KiB)
1517 Downloads/Views
Lukas 3
October 12 2008, 12:49 #15030
Hi Max,
now I see.

Really appreciate your fast response and thanks.


lemaudit63 2
May 09 2009, 03:13 #31839
this also fixes issues with template design (in my case at least) what looked like a CSS conflict - with 5 hours of testing turned out to be fixed with this patch. Thank you.
soamz 51
September 10 2009, 15:02 #40154
This worked great Max! thoi trang cong so, vay lien cong so, do noi y, quan ao nam, bo do nu, do lot nam, do dung cho me, may hut sua cao cap, thoi trang be gai cao cap, ban buon quan ao, do lot[/url]
waiting eagerly for the fixed latest version.
soamz 51
September 14 2009, 03:41 #40293
Oh, it stopped working now..
What can be the issue ??
GreyHead 65
September 14 2009, 07:51 #40300
Hi soamz,

No reason for it to stop working unles you restored an old version of the file?

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
soamz 51
September 15 2009, 14:52 #40350
Nope bro.

I just removed that old file and uploaded this new file and then also, I see all that JS abd CSS being loaded on my frontpage
X-Bit 6
June 12 2010, 14:47 #52854
Somebody could explain me, please, what kind of problem it is to update the component at the download section with patches, which are known since 2008?

Is ChronoComments a dead project or did you lost the password to the uploads?

Eager to know, if I downloaded a dead horse.
X-Bit 6
June 21 2010, 22:50 #53200
No comment is as well a comment...