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How to install translations?

Zelda , October 02 2008, 08:02
aomei 1
July 01 2010, 07:17 #53895
I really thank you, I got something useful!!!
annethomas 1
December 09 2010, 08:57 #61781
where can i find the chronocomments translations?
Guillo 1
December 29 2010, 14:59 #62521
I would like to know how to properly install language packs for the comments component. We are trying to migrate a English to Spanish Translation service webpage to its own Joomla-based site, including a comments form below the main news and articles page. Even without trying to change the language, we get some weird results in the submitted comments with non-english characters (like the ñ or á and such). If there is a simple fix to this, I'd appreciate the information!
GreyHead 65
March 09 2011, 13:04 #65855
Hi Guill,

I don't use ChronoComments and don't know much about it. My understanding is that you just need to upload the translation files to the appropriate folder.

If you have display problems then you will need to check through the character sets used and maybe edit the files to use HTML entities.

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Egorio 4
October 11 2011, 08:53 #106408
where can i find the chronocomments translations?

Try to look here