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ChronoComments integration

xendex , September 19 2008, 18:05
xendex 9
September 19 2008, 18:05 #13742
Is possible to integrate ChronoComments and other Joomla third-party components?
For example with Ice Gallery(it's based on zOOm Media Gallery, but working with Joomla 1.5 native).
admin 32
September 19 2008, 18:12 #13745
Hi xendex,

When I coded ChronoComments I accounted for this, so it should be possible sometime however its not something easy to do, will try to make this in the next release!


xendex 9
September 20 2008, 09:12 #13769
Thanks, that would be great !
Looking forward to the next release!