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Closing tag </a>

mpele , September 17 2008, 06:38
mpele 6
September 17 2008, 06:38 #13523
I don't know what is happening because ChronoComment doen't close link tag "</a>" and whole next aricle is under comment link. Is it posible that nobody nodiced this - or I have done something wrong?
admin 32
September 17 2008, 11:21 #13534

this is with the component itself or the modulE ? do you have a screenshot or a link ? this never happened, there must be some HTML problem.
mpele 6
September 17 2008, 12:18 #13547
It is plug-in.
I have changed /plugins/content/ChronoComments.php and now it works correctly. At the end of line 94 I have added

And is it possible to Read x Comments be before article-separator?
admin 32
September 17 2008, 18:11 #13562
Good catch, thanks for the fix!
Marquez 2
September 23 2008, 09:19 #13941
Hi All

First of all, thanks for the nice comment tool! Everything works fine but I have the same problems as mpele!
I'm sorry but I dont understand the explanation, could some give me clue how to fix the problem?
In which part of line 94 I hava to added the </a> tag?
Here my 94 line!
$language = '<a href="'.JRoute::_('index.php?option='.JRequest::getVar('option').'&id='.$row->id.'&view=article#comments').'">'.JText::_( 'READ N COMMENTS' );

Thanks and best regards
GreyHead 65
September 23 2008, 09:35 #13943
Hi Marquez,

Try this
$language = '<a href="'.JRoute::_('index.php?option='.JRequest::getVar('option').'&id='.$row->id.'&view=article#comments').'">'.JText::_( 'READ N COMMENTS' ).'</a>';

If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Marquez 2
September 23 2008, 12:06 #13949
Excellent!!! Thank you very much!!
bowo 3
September 25 2008, 00:47 #14051
I had exactly the same problem when using IE, Safari, Chrome, but not with Firefox. Maybe that is the reason why so few people reported this problem.

I apllied the solution as described above (except for me the code was on line 187), and all went smoothly. The version of Chronocomments I use is the (free) one I downloaded and tested today.

This is a wonderful component, and help is very very accurate. So if I decide to use this component on my production site, I will certainly buy a license.

Keep up the good work !

admin 32
September 25 2008, 03:38 #14057
Thanks bowo, I want to tell that the new release will come out very soon, if all went ok then this will be by the weekend, it will have fixes and of course many new features, so please hold on for this, you can continue translation, the new release will have few more translations to add though!


A 3
September 26 2008, 06:47 #14127
Thank you all.
At first i found the error,test and test.Then i changed the golbal configuration to show the article title and make title linkable.It was fixed. 8)
Of course,I add the </a> at last.