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Smileys are a must have

Dragonstar , September 15 2008, 18:35
Dragonstar 7
September 15 2008, 18:35 #13438
I think chrono comments should integrate a few Smilies, because posting makes more fun with a smiley
admin 33
September 15 2008, 21:34 #13446
Hi Dragonstar, yes I agree, users split on this, I concentrated on adding main features first, I will continue to add more features soon, working on the new Chronoforms release at teh moment.


N6REJ 18
December 30 2008, 10:22 #20227
we REALLY need the ability to have smileys... any chance this is going to happen soon?
admin 33
December 30 2008, 11:54 #20231
Hi N6REJ, hopefully yes, I'm working in a new release for Chronoforms and just after finishing this I will add all fixes and more features to the comments!

Maxvn 15
January 08 2009, 09:25 #20796
Thank Max,
I will waiting for your new version :d
johnny 24
January 28 2009, 18:02 #22099
looks like i am the one who thinks that smiley are not needed, donno why, i simply dont like them in comments. if you put them, pls enable DISABLE link
admin 33
January 28 2009, 19:54 #22109
Hi Johnny,

Sure, enable/disable in the parameters

vecchia 64
August 02 2009, 08:22 #38291
if max can send me a beta of the new version i can try to add the smiles