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Module: display date and time of comment

joukedegroot , September 08 2008, 11:02
joukedegroot 3
September 08 2008, 11:02 #12869
Hi there,

The Latest Comment module is pretty o.k., however I would like to see the possibility to show the date the comment was created (preferably with a flexible date/time format mask).

Secondly: it is not possible to clear the Box Header field.

Nevertheless: nice work, really appreciated.

admin 32
September 08 2008, 15:40 #12882
Hi Jouke,

if you hovered with the mouse over the body box title you will see a list of available expressions you can use, one of them is the datetime

you mean you cant empty the header box and just click save ?
admin 32
September 08 2008, 18:26 #12905

I found the header not clear bug, attached a fixed version of the module!



(3.83 KiB)
1236 Downloads/Views
joukedegroot 3
September 10 2008, 08:07 #13064
Hi Max,

Thanks for the quick reply. The 'header not clear' bug is working now.

Indeed I found the {datetime} placeholder, but it gives 'DATETIMEFORMAT' as output (not the real date). So I was thinking that I needed to include a date/time format (like d-m-Y) somewhere.

Regards, Jouke
admin 32
September 10 2008, 09:35 #13071
Hi Jouke,

exactly, thats another small one forund, get the date format from en-GB.com_chronocomments.ini and add it to the mod_chronocomments.ini, both files are under the langauge/en-GB


maggi789 1
January 31 2009, 05:20 #22298
I am newly join in this site.the "header not clear bug is working now.



hugoagogo 2
May 06 2009, 07:54 #31529
What was the "header not clear" bug? Guess it's irrelant now, but curious. Handy module, BTW. Just what I need for my chat forums when I launch the Joomla implementation I've been working on.

GreyHead 65
May 06 2009, 08:00 #31530
Hi hugoagogo,

Secondly: it is not possible to clear the Box Header field.
from earlier in the thead.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
hugoagogo 2
May 06 2009, 08:03 #31532
Thanks Bob - that was fast!