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Chrono 5 upgrade to 7

NicholaC 5
April 26 2022, 01:44 #398321
I would like to upgrade to chrono v7 from v5, I have a paid version of 7 on my site but when I select upgrade nothing happens.
Chrono forms is unresponsive on the backend for version 5
I would like someone to have a look at this.
Many thanks
GreyHead 65
April 27 2022, 20:31 #398333
Hi NicholaC,
There is no automatic upgrade. You can backup forms from v5 and restore them in v7 though some tweaking may be still required.
If you can't see the backend for v5 that may be because you have upgraded PHP to a newer version - that can cause problems for CFv5 :-(