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Joomla Plugins

Admiral , February 23 2022, 20:25
Admiral 54
February 23 2022, 20:25 #398028
Hi Max,
I am in the process of moving from CC6 to CF7 using the connections part of CF7 and it is going well. However, in CC6 in the functions tab there was a dropdown to enable Joomla plugins, and it is not clear to me how to set that up in CF7 ? Any help would be appreciated!!
Thanks again for a great new CF7
admin 33
March 15 2022, 11:21 #398154
Hi Admiral,
You can enable the "Joomla plugins" processing setting in the HTML view in v7, that will process any Joomla plugins syntax in the HTML code
Admiral 54
March 15 2022, 16:33 #398157
Ah I see it and was able to implement it when I add the plugin code within the HTML page. However I am pulling the joomla plugin code from my table using var:read_detail.sometable.PImage where PImage in the database is the plugin code (in this case phoca Gallery). However the page displays the actual plugin code which leads me to suspect that I need to read the data from the table, THEN have the "joomla plugins" process? just not sure how to do that ?