Custom change database table name

Gatsman , January 18 2022, 16:24
Gatsman 306
January 18 2022, 16:24 #397793
Is there way to change the SourceTable for a Save Data with php?
What i want is to be able to change the database table name for the save data according to the users info.
Colnem 436
January 18 2022, 18:31 #397795
You have to get the username with php and use Joomla Application to save datas in the table that you will...
Where is the problem?
I never do that, but I presume there is no difficulty...
Gatsman 306
January 18 2022, 19:25 #397796
Yes i can get the username and save the data with a custom sql query no issues there.
What i want to know is if i can instead use the chronoforms save data system by changing the table name before the save.
Colnem 436
January 19 2022, 03:22 #397797
No, I don't think you can do that with Chronoforms.
You have to use PHP.
But... Are you sure that you need a table for each user?
Can't you use ChronoEngine operators join and split to save fields in json format in only one table?
Gatsman 306
January 19 2022, 10:57 #397803
Yes thank you but each user must have it's own table that is not the issue.
If Max says that i can't use the Chronoforms save data system that way i will make it work with an insert into query like i did in CF5.