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Function Switch in ChronoForms 7

roman5527 , January 11 2022, 09:26
roman5527 64
January 11 2022, 09:26 #397716
Hi, im used function switch in ChronoForms 6 for sending emails to different adresses based on dropdown value .
But in chronoforms 7 i dont see function swith.
Where i fint it ? Or how i can switch sending emails to different adresses ?
Colnem 427
January 11 2022, 18:41 #397723
You have to use "Check Conditions Before Processing" in Data Section like a switch element.
You can also include many elements on a Container Aera and use this check condition for the container.
Salute from France
roman5527 64
January 11 2022, 19:02 #397724
Hi, Colnem.
Thanks for your answer .
But i don know how set it .
I have field "prevadzka" :
when user select example value "bardejov" i want send email to
but when user select value "humenne" i want send email to mail

I see in action editor in email this Conditions :
but how i need set it .
can you help me ? thanks
Colnem 427
January 12 2022, 07:23 #397726
The choice of the user is in a data, named prevadzka
In element to send email (or in his container), in Data Section (at the bottom of the element in edition mode), you Add a New condition.
For your example {data:prevadzka} = bardejov
The element wil be executed only if the choice is bardejov.
Sorry for my english...
roman5527 64
January 12 2022, 17:27 #397728
Many Thanks Colnem . Its works.