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Chronoforms7 form not shining up using Joomla4

TWC , December 15 2021, 12:39
TWC 32
December 15 2021, 12:39 #397620
I am using chronoform7 and Joomla 4.0.5 at the moment.
Where my form should appear I do only see the following code: {chronoforms7}mailform1{/chronoforms7}
I tried to reinstall the module and the extension file but nothing chances. Is it possible that this is a jquery fault?
Thank you for your help!
Rondeb 4
December 15 2021, 14:43 #397621
there is no Chronoform version that you can use with Joomla 4

Regard Ron
Rondeb 4
December 15 2021, 14:46 #397622
Sorry but in this the Admin says that Chronoform V7 is ready for Joomla 4
m.tanase 2
December 29 2021, 10:53 #397668
I have the same problem!
The latest Chronoforms v7.0.8 with the fresh Joomla 4.0.5
On my article the code {chronoforms7}contact-form{/chronoforms7} is not interpreted !
Can you release a Joomla 4 compatible (and working) version ?
admin 33
December 29 2021, 10:59 #397669
Although the latest 7.0.8 works fine with J4, few issues exist including the article syntax, a new updated is expected soon to fix this issue, if you can not wait for the full update then you can send a message using the contact page to get a patch file!
m.tanase 2
December 29 2021, 11:11 #397670
Thank you Max, I'll wait the next release, no hurry.
Wish you a happy new (Chronoengine) year !
admin 33
December 29 2021, 11:15 #397671
Thank you, I wish everyone a happy new year!
hjelperne 13
January 20 2022, 16:26 #397810
Any ETA for the next update with fix for the article shortcode plugin?
Best regards, H
admin 33
January 28 2022, 21:55 #397882
The new update is now available for download!