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icon links, repeater events, repeater header

economyweb , November 10 2021, 14:29
economyweb 63
November 10 2021, 14:29 #397389
Hello everybody,
I would like to show 2 screens.
Especially so that you can see that I am not a crybaby who writes about everything. HAHAHAHA

The first screen shows a form with some advanced features in case someone wants to ask me how. We unload work to max and bob.

The second screen shows 3 problems that I have not been able to solve.

1. Put a button (SORT) with only one icon and smaller.
2. Put some labels before the first row of the repeater as labels or other way. They are out of square.
3. When selecting a product in the repeater, call an event that reads and brings me the price of the product to the clone line.
Outside the repeater, without problem, I have used the example technique of the reload form and perfect.
But inside the repeater THERE IS NO WAY.

economyweb 63
November 18 2021, 14:35 #397425
the three problems are resolved