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End of Life/Support for Chronoforms?

mapme , November 09 2021, 10:20
mapme 114
November 09 2021, 10:20 #397373

I'm catching up here and I see that Max is off the grid for the past few months. This is obviously a big concern in terms of having a website strategy that uses CF and CC.
I think the potential big problem areas with Max's continued absence are as follows:
1. The domain expires in August 2022. After that, what happens?
2. The Validation scripts have caused issues up and down in the past. If that goes down it is Max's job to fix it. But if he is unavailable and it goes down today, then what happens? No more licence validations?
I bought a single-site license yesterday and the page crashed when I tried to activate our URL. I reloaded the page and tried again but now the site says the licenses are used up for that purchase! But, of course, I didn't get the validation code for the domain. All things considered, I paid for a license but I can't get that license. In the past Max has resolved issues like that for me with prompt email support.

I emailed the CF Support Gmail address and tried calling the support number on the 2Checkout receipt... no response to the email (although it didn't bounce) and the phone number is unavailable or out of service.

Does anyone have a migration strategy or contingency plan for life beyond Chronoforms?
microstudiosimone 9
November 11 2021, 15:37 #397391
Do someone know if Max will come back?
Or Chronoform will not available for Joomla 4
toolboxx 6
November 19 2021, 13:38 #397430
Hi there,
I think Max should give his code a free CC license now, if he can't go on developing it (which I can totally understand and accept).
So we users could start a crowdfunding campaign and raise some money for a professional migration to J4.
GreyHead 65
November 19 2021, 15:39 #397434
Hi Tom,
Max is still around though not very active. He did reply to a Contact form request yesterday.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
admin 33
November 21 2021, 20:51 #397437
@mapme, you should use your master key after you validate your domain!
@Tom, there is a plan to have a J4 Chronoforms, I'm just trying to find enough time to do that, the problem I'm having is that there are some people who do NOT want this to happen.
webbusteruk 202
November 22 2021, 00:36 #397438
Good to hear from you again Max. Hope you are well.
Is there any plans to migrate ChronoConnectivity to Joomla4 as well?
Edit: We noticed that Chronoforms7 has Connectivity App built into it now. Is the plan to merge both Chronoforms and Chronoconnectivity into one extension?
jj135 579
November 26 2021, 09:06 #397481
@admin Hi Max, good to hear from you. We have been worried about you and also a bit about the future of CF. I hope you are doing fine and will find the energy and time to push forward with CF. If I were a developer I would say: 'When you need an hand....' But unfortunately that would probably not help you out very much ;-)
I am intrigued by your comment: 'there are some people who do NOT want this to happen'. Can you elaborate on that?
Pkoll 20
November 27 2021, 21:00 #397485
Hi Max,
I hope that everything went well. I have tried other form applications but nothing better then CF.
Colnem 124
November 29 2021, 15:01 #397490
The same for me. Good luck, Max.
admin 33
December 03 2021, 19:33 #397507
Hi All,
v7 is now Joomla 4 ready, the announcement is in the news section with more info about the reason of the delay!
Thanks for your patience and support!
Pigna 67
December 06 2021, 16:17 #397522
Hi Max, welcome back!
The Joomla pre-update check gives an error, I've CF7 7.0.8.
It's safe to upgrade aniway?
admin 33
December 11 2021, 15:14 #397576
I'm not sure what the error means but a fresh install on J4 here works fine without errors!
ieraora 169
December 11 2021, 16:48 #397577
Hi Max,
I take this opportunity here to compliment you. Version 7 is very complete indeed. Good Job.
teldrive 639
December 11 2021, 17:26 #397579
great news Max you are back
ieraora 169
December 13 2021, 11:55 #397591
In the last version there are other news or is only compatible for J4?
Is on schedule paypal "plugin"?
Thank you.
Pigna 67
December 14 2021, 11:41 #397599
Hi Max!
I'm not able to upgrade from Joomla V3 to V4, but it's ok with a fresh install.
Then I've imported my CFv7 forms and everything it's ok, but when I try to create an ACL profile, when I save with "Apply" I received this error:
"HY000, 1366, Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1"
It's a CF or a Joomla problem?
There is a backup-restore function for ACL profiles?
Thank you.
Colnem 124
December 14 2021, 12:14 #397601
May be you have to clear cache in CF7. Try this...
Pigna 67
December 14 2021, 13:05 #397604
Hi Colnem,
no, it isn't a cache problem.
I've "solved" copying the ACL profiles from the old db table "chronog3_acl_profiles" to the new. Now I'm able to modify the existing profile but not to create new one. I must create it directly into the db table.
Colnem 124
December 14 2021, 13:49 #397606
Thanks for this answer.
I'll remember for me!
admin 33
December 14 2021, 20:59 #397615
Yes, the ACL issue to be fixed in the next update!