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saving multiple records in the table

economyweb , November 02 2021, 19:16
economyweb 63
November 02 2021, 19:16 #397328
Hello bob and max,
I have a problem with save multiple records in database
The array is prepared (img01)
The save data is prepared (img02)
The result no save records (img03)
Look images please..
Can u help me??
economyweb 63
November 02 2021, 21:24 #397331
I've found the solution.
1. place a loop event where you want to record the rows -> name action like "miloop"
2. in loop data provider put the name of the model with the data you want to save. {data:model}
3. set save data action into the loop in body section and put the "miloop" in model name.
4. set "data sources" in advances settings (in save data)
6. for each field in every row of data source (column "value") put {var:miloop.value.field}