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where condition

economyweb , October 13 2021, 16:54
economyweb 63
October 13 2021, 16:54 #397241
I have a list of customers in the page_list
When I edit a customer it opens perfectly in edit_customer_page and I can modify and update it.
Below the customer data I show a table with the related contacts of this customer.

For this I have a read data that reads the contacts table and shows them ALL.
I need to put a where condition to limit only those of the client in edit.

When I put it:
where condition -> = {var:}

debug shows:
select contacts where company = ' '
It seem that, {var:} has no value and is just the one that I have active on the screen.
GreyHead 65
October 14 2021, 09:37 #397247
Hi economyweb,
The Debugger output should also show you where the customer id is in the form data.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much