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sometimes the fields in the notification email are empty

ribazsolt , October 11 2021, 16:51
ribazsolt 1
October 11 2021, 16:51 #397223
Sometimes (ca once a week i became the empty messages.. captcha is working.. i try it a lot sending to the page a emty messages, bot not possible.. any idea?
GreyHead 65
October 12 2021, 12:23 #397228
HI ribazsolt,
This can happen if a bot scans your site and 'tests' the form Submit URL. The best solution is probably to use serverside validation to check that some of the key fields are not empty.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
bkapelari 6
October 13 2021, 08:34 #397231
I think this is the same problem as