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Google Maps - Marker From Address Entry in database

msreyes , October 05 2021, 17:42
msreyes 59
October 05 2021, 17:42 #397197
I have two forms... first one works well where the user types their address and it does that auto-populate from Google.
Then it is stored in database... in my case the full address (eg. "123 Fake Street, Buffalo, NY USA").
Another form will be used to read that address and populate it on the Google Map widget.
I am struggling a bit... I assumed that "Places provider" would be where you would put the address... I have tried straight up typing it, doing a {var:read_data3.Data3.address} in my case to populate, etc.
So basically what I am trying to do is get that address from my database, have this widget show a red marker on it.