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Chronoforms does not work any longer after WordPress update

dnigra , September 30 2021, 14:58
dnigra 147
September 30 2021, 14:58 #397158
I haven't gotten any advice or even feedback about my earlier post with the title "jquery errors after updating WordPress" so I am posting again with a more direct title: Chronoforms simply does not work any more on my site.
Is anyone else seeing problems on WordPress? Is Chronoforms being actively supported on WordPress?
We updated to WordPress 5.8.1. We are using a paid and validated Chronoforms v 7.0.7.
Here are the things I have discovered so far that are broken:
  1. Single checkboxes cannot be checked
  2. Calendar is broken
  3. Events such as hide/show and enable/disable validation for fields depending on the value of a radio button do not work. There is no change in visibility or required status.
I haven't tested everything else yet but I will keep this post updated as/if I run across more problems.
cappleby 95
October 26 2021, 01:49 #397290
Hi dnigra.
I'd be happy if I cold even get the form to show in Wordpress. I'm using teh shortciode {chronoforms7} Contact_Form2 {/chronoforms7} on my page but the shortcode is just showing up.
dnigra 147
October 26 2021, 13:20 #397292
Hi Cappleby,
Use a shortcode like: [Chronoforms chronoform=Contact_Form2]. But actually, I wouldn't bother. Clearly Chronoforms is no longer supported on WordPress. I am actively testing other form plugins.
cappleby 95
October 26 2021, 23:42 #397294
I thought I'd done that but it didn't work. I then worked out that I could copy the shortcode link in the list of forms and it worked.