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CF7 Google ReCaptcha not working as expectted

oase , September 29 2021, 12:02
oase 34
September 29 2021, 12:02 #397156
i have additionaly installed chronoforms v7 on a joomla 3.10.2 with installed and working chronoforms v5.
because of php 7.4 issues with cf v5 and a missing v5 to v6 to v7 converter i have to create all forms in v7.
so far so good but after i have created the first form i get the following 3 errors:
  1. using google recaptcha v3 will show the info image on the right bottom corner but after submiting the form the "reCaptcha Error message" is shown but the email with the form data is send to defined mail address?
  2. using google recaptcha v2 throw the following errors on web developer console.
    if i call the url in an external browser window without "?render..." i get no error?
[pre spellcheck="false" data-gramm="false"]GET [HTTP/2 400 Bad Request 181ms]The resource of "" was blocked due to a MIME type conflict ("text / html") (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).GOOGLERECAPTCHAPUBLICKEY.[/pre]
3. i have also a calender form field but if i show the form the following error is shown:
Uncaught ReferenceError: moment is not defined (https://DOMAINNAME/libraries/cegcore2/assets/js/g2.boot.js:107:11)
i hope you could help me because recaptcha and calendar are essential and necessary elements of the form.
note: because i have got no answer on the original post opend at may 11 2021 and also no answer on messages via contact form i give it an other try here.
oase 34
November 09 2021, 07:53 #397371
no one who could help me solve the problems?
GreyHead 65
November 09 2021, 10:38 #397376
Hi oase,
The MIME type conflict looks like a security setting on your site is not allowing the link to Google.
I can't see the "moment is not defined" error reported by anyone else so can't immediately help with that. If you post or PM a link to your form I can take a quick look and may get some clues.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
oase 34
November 09 2021, 12:38 #397377
hy bob!
thanks for your answer. because i got so long no answer (either from the community nor from the developers itself) i have clonde the productive system and did some further investigations.
i found out that also a v6 was installed but deactivated. after deinstalling this, the problem (js error with moment) with the calendar is gone.
currently i have some other issues one with recaptcha v3 and one with time and (am/pm) instead of 24 hours but for those i will open a new issue.
thanks for your help.
best regards daniel