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How to switch out a form for another in its place depending on radio button click

indieben , September 15 2021, 13:37
indieben 151
September 15 2021, 13:37 #397081
Hi, I have been searching your forums and I can't find a guide for this and there is very little information in version 6 documentation about it. Version 7, as far as I can see, still doesn't have any documentation.
I'm simply looking to have one form redirect to another. I notice that behaviours -> interface has an "Events" option but the options within there don't seem to relate at all to what I am trying to achieve - user selects option, new form loads in the existing one's place. This is useful for deciding what Email address the enquiry goes to. Although there are more complicating ways of achieving this, as I have discovered, largely by coding yourself, this seems to be the purpose of event switching although I can't find a step by step on how to achieve it.

GreyHead 65
September 16 2021, 09:53 #397086
Hi indieben,
I'm not very familiar with CFv7 but I see there is a ReDirect action there. Will that do what you need i.e. redirect to a url including the new form?
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
indieben 151
October 01 2021, 01:56 #397166
Hi Bob,
Yes, that would do it- I've ended up doing my usual workflow style form, if yes, ask new question etc but the biggest fallback is an inability to send forms to different email addresses depending on radio buttons checked.
Thanks Bob, I've also clarified that you are not the person I am annoyed with in another post.
Kind Regards,