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The form data does not arrive on e-mail

Dancevulcano , September 06 2021, 19:30
Dancevulcano 29
September 06 2021, 19:30 #397041
I bought the new chornoforms7 a few days ago, and started a new job for a competition registration form. At 50% of the work everything was ok, that is, the completed form reaches me correctly on my email. At the end of the work, I no longer complete the form. I have tried in every way to solve the problem but nothing. Is it possible to have help to solve the problem?
GreyHead 65
September 07 2021, 10:13 #397042
Hi peppe100,
I took a look at the form and there is nothing obviously wrong from the front end. Maybe there is some validation failure or redirection on submission?
It is a long and complex form and my personal suggestion would be that you make this as a multi-page form. That will make submission and de-bugging quite a bit simpler.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Dancevulcano 29
September 07 2021, 15:13 #397046
Thanks, Bob, always nice! I will check the first part and I believe I will do a multilingual module.
Dancevulcano 29
September 08 2021, 16:55 #397055
Hi Bob, I rebuilt the form in multi page format! Almost everything is ok: the form arrives on my email, but the file does not arrive on the email and at the end of the compilation the thank you message does not come out, Only a short while, thanks, What about?
Dancevulcano 29
September 08 2021, 20:41 #397058
Thanks, however now everything is ok, the files uploaded to the form also arrive. everything works beautifully. All this thanks to your advice.