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How to make user add or remove fields in Chronoforms 7?

carlosgugly , September 01 2021, 02:51
carlosgugly 2
September 01 2021, 02:51 #397021
Hi everyone.

I've done contact forms in chronoforms7 for my client on 5 websites a few times and find it very practical and intuitive, that's why I use this app and have forced my client to buy the validation every time. Unfortunately, I am an inexperienced user in codes and others; so please forgive me.

For this version, I can't find a tutorial or manual that explains how to make the user add or remove fields in the contact form. Something that seems usual and simple in the frontview, has become a mess for me.

I have added a "repeater area" with "multicamps" inside and with the "cloner" property (minimum 1 to maximum 9), then I have added a button in the form with "cloner settings: add clone of this repeater area". It seems to work in the frontview, however, the "Admin Email" receives fewer items than those cloned and only with the information of the last item cloned.

Between the different versions of Chronoforms, the terms and interface seem to change drastically and that confuses me a lot. For example, what used to be called "multiplyer" is now called "clone"? The truth is that I do not understand and I can not solve the problem.

I'm sorry again for my inexperience, but can you help me solve my problem through a tutorial or an explanation?.
Thanks in advance.