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How to use download action without the hanging issue

kgriffin , August 25 2021, 20:04
kgriffin 205
August 25 2021, 20:04 #396986
I have seen a couple questions about this for Chronoforms v6, but not yet for Chronoforms 7. I have been trying to figure out how to use the download action without the page ending up hanging. I figured it out for anyone who is interested:
Button on form should be a link that points to a new standalone form page with the download action. Make sure you have the target set to New Browser Page.
The form page with the download action should have the following actions in this order:
1. Page Loader action set to go to the current page, with the End Processing set to "No"
2. Action reference to the Read Data action used for the form
3. Download action
Hope this helps someone.