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Sending e-mail to BCC address

webhand , July 16 2021, 08:49
webhand 8
July 16 2021, 08:49 #396825

I would like to send an additional email as BCC when submitting the form. But I didn't find anything in the Behaviors where I can do this configuration.

Where or how can I enter a BCC address?

Thanks a lot
Regards, Beat
GreyHead 65
July 16 2021, 19:41 #396830
Hi Beat,
If you use the Advanced form settings you can add an Email Action, open the settings then click Advanced Settings and add CC/BCC Addresses.
As far as I can see you can't do this in the Contact Form settings.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
webhand 8
July 23 2021, 13:18 #396875
Hi Bob
Thank you for your help. Something is still not working.

Sending to Admin Email and to User Email works fine (Form Settings). When sending an additional Email to a different adress from the Email Action, the content from the body will not be sent. The email arrives empty. I have {email_content} in the body, same like in Admin Email and User Email.

Is there anything missing in the Email Action or elsewhere?
Thanks for your help.
Regards, Beat