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Error message using PHP 7.4 and CF6

tshirley , July 07 2021, 23:16
tshirley 327
July 07 2021, 23:16 #396786
We have a significant amount of development in CF6, and because it is stable we decided not to redevelop in V7.
Recently our site administrator decided to upgrade the PHP version on the site to 7.4 because of some security alerts and also to keep the site up to date.
Following this, some of our CF6 forms failed with the following error:
tshirley 327
July 07 2021, 23:22 #396787
Sorry sent too early... , the error message received is this:

I DOMXPath::query():  Invalid expression in selector >> body
<< in /home/mysite/public_html/libraries/cegcore2/vendors/emogrifier/Emogrifier.php on line 371

When reverted to PHP 7.2, the error message does not appear.
Is there a solution to this, or do we have to remain on 7.2 as long as we continue with CF6?
GreyHead 65
July 11 2021, 08:36 #396799
Hi Tim,
I found another thread here where Healyhatman suggests that you "Turn off the advanced template option in the email action."
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
tshirley 327
July 11 2021, 13:11 #396802
Thanks Bob,
Unfortunately that option is cot checked in any emails in the application. So at this stage I have a workaround though it is not entirely satisfactory because of the need to stay on an old version of php.