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Chronoforms v5 Custom Email Attachment

drgolden , July 07 2021, 04:24
drgolden 20
July 07 2021, 04:24 #396781
I have a form in which by virtue of answering a simple question the user categorizes himself/herself. Based on that categorization I want to send a different attachment in the response email.
Here's an simple example: Imagine a radio group that asks the question - Are you a 1) Doctor or a 2) Nurse?
Based on the answer to this question, I want to attach file1 to an email response to the Doctors, and file 2 to all who answered they were a Nurse.
Is there a way to do this in Chronoforms v5? Can you provide an example?
GreyHead 65
July 11 2021, 08:41 #396801
Hi drgolden,
The simplest way may be to use an event switcher and set up two separate email actions. That's not too bad if there are only two cases that you use - and can be good if the text differs. Otherwise, you can include a download link in the email and that can be switched for the different cases.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much