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Chronoforms DB Read

sammy979 , June 30 2021, 16:06
sammy979 8
June 30 2021, 16:06 #396761
I create a form (form02) with whom I save some data in a database table connected with a connection created with chronoconnctivity (conn02 is the model name).
I insert also a "connection action" in "on submit" event and in the "edit action" on front list i inserted form02:load on form event.
I want to call the data of a row of the table so I use the DB Read action.
These are tha params:
Action Label: empty
Enabled: yes
Table name: #_tabella_form02
Multi read: no
Enable model id: yes
Model id: conn02
Fields: id,nome,telefono,email
Order: empty
Group: empty
return array('id' => $form->conn02['id']);
When I click on modify link in the connection "conn02" the system goes to the form, but in the form there aren't the corresponding data...
I am not good with php, I followed a lot of indications on this forum but I cannot understand what I am wrong...
I hope my problem is understandable, please I need your help. Thanks
darkarturo 12
October 08 2021, 17:16 #397212
sammy yo también tengo el mismo problema, quisiera hacer lo mismo que dices, si llegas a solucionar el problema, agradeceré me proporciones tu avance
sammy, I also have the same problem, I would like to do the same as you say, if you solve the problem, I will be grateful if you provide me with your progress
sammy979 8
October 12 2021, 08:52 #397225
darkarturo the instructions and the code are correct. At the end everything worked for me, I looked at the code well and everything went well. Maybe it's good to check all the code from the beginning and reset the entire form. I did this but now it works. Bye