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correct way to set up Google Recaptcha for chronoforms 6?

Liesbeth , June 27 2021, 11:39
Liesbeth 73
June 27 2021, 11:39 #396743
What is actually the correct way to set up Google Recaptcha for chronoforms 6?
Since the Google reCaptcha element has a site key as well as a secret key field (unlinke the manuel which has only a site key field in the Googlre reCaptha element), I was wondering how I should set up the check google Recaptcha which I added to the submit actions field.
When I set up like above (with Recaptcha ceck added to submit action field and event loader on fail and secret + site key added to the element on view tab) the form won't pass the google recapctha, when I delete the check google recaptcha from the submit actions panel, it passes well, but it seems that I get a lot of spam.
Thanks for your help.
Kind Regards,
healyhatman 9
June 28 2021, 10:49 #396747
There's a "check security fields" or whatever toggle on the form settings, you turn that on, and you put just the recaptcha on the VIEW with both the site key / secret. It will automatically do the check in the backend, you don't need to use the check action. But you can if you want.
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