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Get dropdown text instead of value for email

mwillburger , June 25 2021, 02:35
mwillburger 1
June 25 2021, 02:35 #396737
I have a dynamic dropdown in my form with option value {} and option text {var:Category.title} which is fetched from the categories table. At the end of the form, I want to email the user, including the selected option in the email text.
How can I include the text of a selected dropdown in the email? The dynamic dropdown value is accessible via {data.my_dropdown}, but how do I get the text?
I found this entry about alternative data, but didn't really work out if this would be a solution or how this works with dynamic data.
GreyHead 65
June 26 2021, 19:59 #396742
Hi mwillburger,
Reading Max's reply in the other thread it does sound as if that is the solution for static values. Have you tried it?
For dynamic data it may be simpler to load the data then either save the values to the current user session and recover them on Submit; or you can just look up the submitted value(s) using a Data Read action.
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healyhatman 9
June 28 2021, 10:47 #396746
Read the database again, using the value of the dropdown.
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