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Chronoform7 TCPDF question marks ????? instead of correct text characters

gunjah , June 21 2021, 07:11
gunjah 14
June 21 2021, 07:11 #396722
I tried everything with no luck. The form has Greek characters. The screen message and the email shows the Greek characters correctly. But if I use the TCPDF, the downloaded pdf file, shows question marks (??????) instead of the Greek characetrs.
Any ideas?
GreyHead 65
June 23 2021, 17:19 #396734
Hi gunjah,
I suspect that the fonts installed with the TCPDF component may not include the Greek character set. There is an old thread here which shows how to add fonts but it may need to be updated to work with the latest version of TCPDF.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
gunjah 14
June 25 2021, 17:49 #396740
Thnx Bob
I'll give it a try.
By the way, is there a plan to have some kind of manual for chronoforms 7? I just bought a few licences and I want to find out all these nice things there is in there. Especially in Advanced settings of each component and the Behaviors/Data.
I am a big fan of chronoforms since V1 and I was in some talks with Max about a manual, and some thoughts about the V7 (when it was still in beta) but as i see there is no manual.
Even a CheatSheet of Advanced Settings and Behaviors/Data would be soooo useful.
Have a nice time and keep safe.
GreyHead 65
June 26 2021, 19:53 #396741
Hi mik,
I'm sure that Max has some plans for a manual as soon as he can. At the moment it seems that he has some distractions that have nothing to do with ChronoForms.
I'm afraid that I don't know much about CFv7 so can't easily help here.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
gunjah 14
June 30 2021, 07:33 #396759
Thank you for your answer Bob.
The TCPDF path in Chronoforms 7 is
and in there there are some files and folders, but inside the folder "tcpdf_doc_fonts" there are only two php files and no metric files anywhere.
And as far as I know, the existing fonts (Helvetica, courier etc) all support the greek characters, so I suppose maybe it is a matter of settings somewhere.
I believe I must set somewhere the utf8 use, but I don't know where.
gunjah 14
June 30 2021, 07:37 #396760
I found here:
// create new PDF document
$pdf = new \TCPDF($config->get('pdf_page_orientation', 'P'), PDF_UNIT, $config->get('pdf_page_format', 'A4'), true, 'UTF-8', false);
and I suppose it is correct, so maybe it is something else, but I can't seem to figure it out.