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help with spam on my form

BeamerStation , June 02 2021, 08:21
BeamerStation 17
June 02 2021, 08:21 #396601
i asked for that a time ago but never found a solutin for my problem.
i have an form with chronoform v5 and i got spam over the form. I have a recaptcha working and i have banned via geoip a lot of Countrys where the spam came from. It just worked for a few weeks and now the spam is there again. Most of the time direct from gmail adresses. what all the spam has in common, there is one filed in my form "Company" and all the spam fills in there "google" so it should help me if you can NOT send the form if you filled in the field company google.
There are ways in chronoforms 5 and also in v7 which i also tired in hope to get this problem solved but i am too stupid for that.
So please can someone give me a description for a real dummy how i can do that. A full description with go to, do this, do that . Is this possible?
this problem triggers me a long time and i have no time to figure it out at my own at the moment. ( I tried it some times in the last years but never get it)
Would be very thankfull and willing to buy more than one or two coffe or beer for that help.
GreyHead 65
June 02 2021, 10:36 #396602
Hi BeamerStation,
It sounds as though there may be something wrong with your ReCaptcha set up if you are getting so much spam.
The simplest fix to block 'google' in the Company name is to use Server Side validation to block that data entry.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much