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Specific user's e-mail with e.g. {user=xx:email} to the Recipients Admin e-mail

sylwekb , May 27 2021, 08:41
sylwekb 124
May 27 2021, 08:41 #396564
Is it possible to add a specific user's e-mail with id = xx to the Recipients Admin e-mail field with a short code? e.g. {user = xx: email}. The point is that you don't have to change in several places each time. This is useful when there are a lot of forms on the website and the staff cannot have access to everything. This is probably very important and useful for everyone and would make it a lot easier.
Joomla 3.9.27
GreyHead 65
May 27 2021, 09:14 #396566
Hi sylwebk,
I'm not sure that I understand your question :-(
You can use {user:email} to get the current user's email address. For another user you would need to look up the address using a Read Data action.
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sylwekb 124
May 27 2021, 10:28 #396568
I have created users in Users Joomla with email addresses. Is it possible to insert a command into the recipients field, which will extract the email of a specific user? e.g. {user=11:email}
Is there any shortcode formula for this? It is an e-mail of the user with a specific id.
Do you understand what I mean now
GreyHead 65
May 28 2021, 10:52 #396574
Hi sylwekb,
I don't think that there is a short code to get data for a user apart from the current one. You can use a Read Data action to get it though.
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sylwekb 124
May 28 2021, 11:24 #396576
What does the example read action command look like for a specific e-mail user? Do I put this in the recipients field?

healyhatman 9
May 31 2021, 09:24 #396591
Use a read data action, with the user id you're after.
Then {}
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