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{chronoforms7}form name{/chronoforms7} doesn't work

ouryou , May 13 2021, 15:42
ouryou 3
May 13 2021, 15:42 #396460
I downloaded Chronoforms v7 for Joomla 3.x and get it installed. After I created my form
I have put the shortcode to my form: {chronoforms7}formname{/chronoforms7}
But it is not showing up on the page... just the above shortcode showing.

Many thanks
admin 33
May 13 2021, 18:05 #396461
use "form-alias" not "form name"
ouryou 3
May 13 2021, 22:27 #396464
Yes I used 'form-alias' not 'form name'.
In my case, my form name and form-alias are exactly same, both are 'booking'.
I used the automatically generated shortcode '{chronoforms7}booking{/chronoforms7}', which is shown in the form manager.
I checked the plugin 'ChronoG3_Plg' it's enabled.
Thanks for your help.
ouryou 3
May 14 2021, 10:41 #396474
Still can't get it worked, any ideas?