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Old Chronoforms 6 form to new Chronoforms 6 version

marce , May 12 2021, 07:18
marce 34
May 12 2021, 07:18 #396425
I installed the newest Joomla version to date and the newest Chronoforms 6 version.
The old Chronoforms 6 version used a content plugin to show forms in articles, the new version does not.
So I tried restoring a form from the old CF6 version, but that does not show in the content. I tried a demo form from the new CF6 version and that worked fine.
So what can I do to make the restored form to show in the content?
Kind regards,
marce 34
May 14 2021, 10:18 #396472
Nevermind it works now, but I am not really sure how it came to work again