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Can't edit forms any more

dnigra , April 20 2021, 16:58
dnigra 147
April 20 2021, 16:58 #396276
We are using: PHP Versions 8.0
WP Version - 5.71
Chronoforms Version - 7.0.7
We recently updated PHP and WordPress. I can no longer edit any forms - the GUI is gone. I've attached a screenshot.
The GUI is fine when opening up Chronoforms, but clicking on any form to edit it give s what you see in the screenshot.
GreyHead 65
April 20 2021, 19:33 #396279
Hi dnigra,
No screenshot attached but my guess is that this is a result of using PHP 8 - I don't think that Max has yet been able to update CF to work with the new version.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
dnigra 147
April 20 2021, 19:57 #396280
Thank you, that was it. Rolled back to PHP 7 and we are back in business. Thank you again.