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Concatenate 2 fields with Save Data in one field

JoCo , April 08 2021, 14:12
JoCo 114
April 08 2021, 14:12 #396234
Dear all,
is it possible to concatenate 2 fields in the Save Data in a form chronoforms v6.
For instance to save the form-fields First name and Last name in a database field Name.
Can i use the option "Data overrides" and what should be the syntax of that concatenation string.
Regards , JoCo
Colnem 119
April 09 2021, 13:45 #396238
Hi... Try this:
value: {data:field1}{data:field2}
JoCo 114
April 09 2021, 13:54 #396239
Thanks, i will try this also.
I found already is simple solution.
I placed an php action before the save date and in that php action i concatenated the two values and then i write that value back to the appropriate field.