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Re Capctha v3

giulia72 , March 31 2021, 15:02
giulia72 145
March 31 2021, 15:02 #396214
I would migrate to ReCaptcha v.3 , acctually I'm using ReCapthca v.2 because we are encountering several bot spams
Is it compatible with Chronoform v5?
the settings will be the same?
Thank you
healyhatman 9
April 02 2021, 09:34 #396217
v3 works completely differently to v2. Settings will not be the same, and it's not compatible with v5 unless you program it in yourself. I sell a v3 plugin on my site, but it's only compatbiel with VF v6
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giulia72 145
April 06 2021, 07:23 #396223
ok Thank you
I will maintain v2 component.
Do you know if I can prevent to send the form if in the comment field there are html code , images or similar...?
we are receiving filled form by stupid guys
Thanks again